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Our Mission

"Our mission is to create well-formed evangelists of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

The Mission of St Timothy Anglican Church

Creating well-formed disciples of Christ is critical, but especially in today's world. We are dealing with unique challenges that must be considered and approached with care. Where there is uncertainty and misinformation, it is imperative to meet the always shifting sands of culture with the truth of Jesus Christ. In order for Christians to become effective ministers of the Gospel, they must first be formed in a way that empowers them to answer difficult questions and navigate complex cultural situations.


Here at St. Timothy's, we do not shy away from the complexities of culture. We are dedicated to standing in the gap and equipping the next generation to be able to stand firm against the attacks of the enemy and to stand confidently in the light of Christ. 

Once a follower of Christ is well-formed, they can answer whatever call the Lord has placed upon them, to lead others to the Kingdom of God. We empower our brothers and sisters to do just that.

Sunday Worship: 10 AM


Questions About Faith?

"Our vision is to make Jesus relevant in today's world."

The Vision of St Timothy Anglican Church

In a world where many are refusing to walk in faith, we must fight to reach hearts and minds with the Gospel. Jesus is needed, but unfortunately, many think he isn't relevant. In short, many people are missing the point. And in effect, missing out on eternal salvation.


Those who refuse to love the truth and so be saved are lost to the darkness. We envision a world where we can equip the community of believers so they can lean into the opportunities to minister to the people around them. We want to inspire our family so they can turn around and inspire and stir up others by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

In America today, more people than ever consider themselves "spiritual but not religious" and are not entering the churches. We intend to create a safe space for the unchurched, the de-churched, and those seeking to ground into their faith in a deep way. We are called to point to Christ and glorify him in all we do. Jesus is desperately needed in the world today, and it's our mission at St. Timothy's to help bring light to a fallen world in dire need of the salvation that comes only through Jesus Christ. We hope to make Jesus relevant in today's world.

We Have Outreach Ministries.

What makes us different?

We intend to reach the local unchurched through disruptive evangelism.

(Disruptive as in, boldly declaring Christ in a hostile world, in a way that is accessible and makes sense.)

"Wow, this sounds awesome. I want to be a part of this movement."

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