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Meet Canon Lee Stafki: New Vicar at St. Timothy Anglican Church Fort Worth

We are delighted to announce that Canon Lee Stafki has joined the St. Timothy family as the new vicar. The future of St. Timothy's is bright as the Holy Spirit continues to move through this mission.


August 30, 2022

St. Timothy Anglican Church Enters a New Chapter

On August 28, 2022, Canon Lee Stafki announced his departure from the Church of the Holy Spirit in Graham, TX, and expressed his excitement about joining the St. Timothy community as the new vicar.

The Church of St. Timothy has experienced a tremendous amount of change over the last few years and the congregation very much so looks forward to the promise of rejuvenation and growth.

It is with both heartfelt sadness and great joy that I announce my departure from my role as Vicar for Church of The Holy Spirit in Graham, Texas, and my return to St. Timothy’s Anglican Church as their new Vicar effective September 1st.
Over the last 2 years, I have seen the Holy Spirit transform the Church in Graham back into a vibrant growing community of believers and disciples of Jesus. This community has a bright future in the Diocese of Fort Worth. I will greatly miss their smiling faces each Sunday.
I am looking forward to returning to my Church family at St. Timothy’s as we move forward into an exciting new chapter in planting our new parish in the Fort Worth Meadowbrook area as we seek to grow well-formed evangelists and make Jesus relevant in today’s world.
I covet your prayers for both parishes and our family during this period of transition and change.
- Canon Lee Stafki

Looking Forward to What's Next

Bishop Ryan Reed announced Sunday that Canon would be joining the community, and expressed support by pointing to his "impressive resume" but most importantly having a "heart for St. Timothy’s and deep love of our Lord."

Canon Lee went out to meet with the community yesterday, August 29th, during the newly launched ministry, "Free Popcorn and Sno-Cones," an idea forged by our beloved Kay and Tammy.

Canon Lee Stafki connecting with community members at "Free Popcorn and Sno-Cones"

We will prayerfully approach this next season and ask that you pray for our church, that it will be a beacon of Christ's light to the community. We have a new strategic plan that we are in the process of unfolding.

Change will not happen unless we are dissatisfied with the status quo, are given a vision of an alternative future with concrete steps to move into that future along with courageous leadership in the context of community (the Church). All of these things have to be greater than our own resistance to change or the existing inertia against change which we share.
I pray that the Holy Spirit leads St. Timothy’s into a thriving and prosperous future not for earthly success, but for Kingdom growth and the transformation of lives. May God bless each of you in the coming months and the work that we are beginning to do.
- Bishop Ryan Reed

Stay tuned for more information about the new mission and vision for St. Timothy's and our plan for evangelism and leading people to the light of Christ.


About St. Timothy Anglican Church Fort Worth

“And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”

[John 1:5]

St. Timothy Anglican Church in Fort Worth, TX is a community passionate about community outreach and growing disciples of Jesus Christ. Since 1955, the parish community has advocated for and served the people of Fort Worth and surrounding areas.


Our mission is to create well-formed evangelists of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Join us on Sundays for worship at 10 AM at 4301 Meadowbrook Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76103.

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